Canvas Inbox - Attaching Files with a Full Conversation Folder

Canvas Inbox - Attaching Files with a Full Conversation Folder

An update to the Canvas Inbox has caused some instructors an issue with attaching files to their Inbox messages. 

1.   The reason is that the Conversations Attachments folder is over capacity and cannot hold anymore files.  This document outlines how to clean out the area.

2.     First, go to your (1) Account icon and choose (2) Files.


3.     Select (3) conversation attachments from the list.


      4.     Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the amount of space being used. If it is over 100%, files need to be deleted.

      5.     To the far right of the file name, choose the (4) 3-dot menu.  Select (5) Delete to remove the file.  Do this for files that need removed.

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