Canvas Studio - Posting a Video to a Discussion

Canvas Studio - Posting a Video to a Discussion

Step 1: In Canvas open the course's "Home" page by either opening the class from the "Dashboard" or by clicking the
"Courses" link in the blue sidebar and then select the course title.

Step 2: Look for the Discussion assignment in the course and open the assignment. You can identify what type of
assignment it is by the icon next to the title. Discussion assignments are represented by a conversation bubble icon.

Step 3: At the bottom of the Discussion assignment post click the reply button. A text box tool will open below where
you would normally type a response for a discussion. Click the "Apps" button and then click Canvas Studio.
If Canvas Studio is not present click on the View All option and then click Canvas Studio or Search for Canvas

Step 4: Here you will select to either "Record", "Add" or "Select" a video already added to Canvas Studio. Select the video you want
and then click "Embed". Once the video is embedded to the reply click on "Post Reply". If you choose to record a new video please
attempt to record in Canvas Studio directly first and then attach the video to the discussion. For instructions on how to record directly
to Canvas Studio please refer to the "How to Record a Video in Studio" guide above.

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