Discussion Assignments - Finding and Posting

Discussion Assignments - Finding and Posting

Locating Discussion Assignments

Locating Discussion assignments can, at first, be confusing for a student new to using Canvas. Most courses are setup for the
Discussion assignments to be located within weekly modules or units on the course's 'Home' page much like where all the other
assignments and quizzes are located[1]. Discussion assignments can be identified by a conversation bubble icon[2].


Please Note:
The Student Orientation course directs students to look for a Discussion link[3] in the Course Navigation area (refer to picture
below). This link is rarely ever enabled and is not visible to the student.

Posting to a Discussion Assignment

To post to a Discussion assignment you must first open the assignment and then click the reply button[1] at the bottom left of the assignment
box. Then type your response in the text entry box[2] that populates underneath. 


When you are finished typing your response click the blue "Post Reply" button in the bottom right of the text entry box. When you have successfully posted your response post you will then be able to
view and respond to all of your classmate's posts and replies. Please note replies are only visible to those who have posted at least one reply.

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