Google Chrome - Download File

Google Chrome - Download File

Google Chrome indicates download progress on the Downloads Bar at the bottom of your tab. 

Step 1.  Click a link to begin download. (Sometimes you may need to right-click the file, then click Save As to download the file to your computer) 

Step 2.  When the file has downloaded, click the arrow beside the filename, then choose Open

Step 3.  All downloaded files are listed on the Downloads page, accessible by clicking Downloads from the Customize and Control button  from the toolbar.

Note:  When downloading an executable file (.exe, .dll, or .bat) using Google Chrome, first confirm the download by clicking Save (or Keep) on the downloads bar.  This extra step can prevent malicious software from automatically downloading.  If the download URL matches the current list of malicious websites published by the Safe Browsing API, a warning will appear.  If you are not sure about download contents, click Discard instead.

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