How to Access Your old OneDrive Data

How to Access Your old OneDrive Data

EGCC has recently migrated to a new Microsoft system.  Prior to this migration an email was sent to all students requesting that they download their OneDrive data by December 13th 2019.  If you did not download all of your OneDrive files prior to that date and you are missing your data, you can still retrieve your old files.

To sign-in and retrieve your OneDrive data from the old Microsoft system, please follow these steps:

1) Open an incognito / private browser window.
2) Browse to and click the Sign-In button.
3) Enter your username when prompted in this format: (for example, if your email address is you should enter as your username.
4) Enter the password you used for Microsoft Office 365 prior to December 13th.

Once you gain access to your old OneDrive files, please download them to your computer as access to this legacy system will not be available forever.

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