Internet Explorer 11 - Accept Cookies

Internet Explorer 11 - Accept Cookies

Change browser settings to allow cookies. Cookies and other similar data files are tiny pieces of information your browser stores until needed by a website. Many online account based sites require cookies to operate correctly.

Step 1. Under your Tools menu, access Internet Options.

Step 2. Select the Privacy tab

Step 3. Move the slider to Medium or Medium-High.

Step 4. Click "Advanced".

Step 5. Next, check "Override automatic cookie handling". Here you can Allow or Block Cookies.

Recommendations: Block third-party cookies, Accept first-party cookies and Always allow session cookies.

The First-party cookies are those cookies which are from the website that you are currently visiting. Let’s say currently you are visiting then the cookies from are considered as first-party cookies. And the adverts hosted in are considered as third-party cookies, because they do not match the original source and are loaded from an external party.

If you are still experiencing login issues when using Internet Explorer, you can try the following options.

Note: Option 1 is the more secure of the two options.

Option 1: Specify the specific web site which is always allowed to use cookies. (You can also enter sites which are specifically never allowed to use cookies.) 

Step 1. On the Privacy tab, click the Sites button.

Step 2. Enter the primary domain (address) of the site (e.g., and click the Allowbutton.

Step 3. Click OK button, then OK again.

Option 2: Accept all first- and third-party cookies and always allow session cookies.

Step 1. On the Privacy tab, click the Advanced button.

Step 2. Click the checkbox to select Override automatic cookie handling.

Step 3. Select Accept for both First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies.

Step 4. Click the checkbox to select Always allow session cookies.

Step 5. Click OK to return to the Internet Options menu and now the privacy setting will be set toCustom.

Step 6.  Press “Apply” to save the new settings.

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