Recording a Video - Mac OS Quicktime

Recording a Video - Mac OS Quicktime

Step 1:  Find and open the QuickTime application in the Macintosh HD/Applications folder. You can find this folder by clicking on the 'Finder' icon from the Dock bar at the bottom of your desktop window and click the Applications Folder in the left-side panel. 

Step 2:  From the File menu, choose New Movie Recording.

Step 3:  Select the camera source and microphone source.  The default is typically the built-in mic and FaceTime camera.

Step 4:  Click the red circle button to begin recording.  Click it again to stop recording.

Step 5:  Once you are finished recording, select Save from the File menu.

Step 6:  Name your file and save it to your Desktop, Documents or another location on your Mac.

For the guide on how to upload your video to Canvas Studio: Click Here
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