Windows 8 - Browse Files Explore Files

Windows 8 - Browse Files Explore Files

Provides information regarding navigation of files stored on a device utilizing Windows 8.

Accessing Windows Explorer:

  1. Open the Charms bar and search Apps for "File Explorer" click File Explorer.

Navigating Windows Explorer

  1. Breadcrumb trail is available for navigation in Section 1.
  2. The Search Box allows users to search for files.  Just enter a search word and press Enter to search. 
  3. The Navigation Pane is on the left side in Section 3.
  4. The Details Pane ( Section 4 ) will display a thumbnail or icon of files in the specified folder.

Search for a File or Program

  1. Hover the mouse in upper right corner to open the Charms Bar and click the search button.

  2. Click the option for what you want to search "Apps, Settings, or Files", type the search term in the field with the magnifying glass.

  3. To open a file or program from the search, just click on it.

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