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            Posting a Discussion - LoudCloud - Student

            To post a discussion, you will need to find the discussion within the Path of your course.

            Make sure you read the discussion topic and follow all instructions. When you are ready to post, click on ADD A POST.

            The discussion will now expand and you will see the area to create your post. You will be able to change the title if you want to add your name to it or make it more descriptive to your post, add your message using the full HTML editor, and add a file if you need to. When using the HTML editor, you can add a picture, embed an audio or video, insert a table, include a link, and edit the text.

            When you upload a file, you can bring it in from your computer (upload files), create a document inline, or add a file from the file cabinet, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. When you add the file, you will see it listed below. Once you are done with your post, you will click Post Reply.
            When you post your reply, you will see it and all other replies below the prompt. The post you are reading will be expanded. You can click on another post to read that one. You have the option to reply to a pot, quote and reply (this can make the posts really long if everyone is quoting), edit your post, or delete your post.

            You can also use the Previous and Next buttons to scroll through your posts in order depending on your view of the posts – threaded or linear. You have the option to flag any posts that you may want to come back to and like a post if you feel it provides good information.

            You will always see who wrote the posts and the day/time that they wrote it. At any time, you are able to write another original post or reply to any of the ones written, unless the instructor puts due dates on the post. So, always check on your availability dates as you are working through your course!

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