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            Submitting an Assignment - LoudCloud - Student

            To submit an assignment, you will need to find the assignment within the Path of your course.

            Read and follow the instructions provided and develop your finished work. Once you have it completed, make sure you are aware of where you are saving it. You will be able to upload from three different locations:

            • your computer (default location)
            • LoudCloud File Cabinet
            • Google Drive

            To upload, either click on BROWSE FROM MY COMPUTER if it is located on your computer or the drop-down arrows to get to File Cabinet, or Google Drive.

            If you are using the ‘BROWSE FROM MY COMPUTER’ option, you will be provided an upload screen to locate your file. If the Browse option does not work you need to enable your pop-up blockers.

            You can upload as many files as you need to from any location you have them stored. Once you have all your files uploaded, you will see them listed. You MUST select the files you would like to submit and click Submit Assignment.

            After selecting your files to submit, it will tell you how many you have selected.

            You can also use this area to select all, unselect them, or remove the ones that you don’t need to submit. Once it is submitted, it will show you when it was submitted, how many files was submitted with the assignment and that it is pending grading.

            When the instructor grades it, you will be notified and will see the grade when you navigate back to it in the path.

            You will see the grade and any comments. If it is aligned to learning objectives, you can also see how well you are doing on them.
            You can also view the grade within the Progress area of the course under ‘My Grades.’

            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 07:24 AM
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