Clearing Saved Browser Passwords

Clearing Saved Browser Passwords

Here are the steps you should take to delete your passwords on all major browsers.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open a Firefox window.
  2. Click on the menu option in the top right corner.
  3. Choose Options. Select the Privacy and Security tab.
  4. Go to Saved Logins under Forms and Passwords.
  5. Here you’ll see a number of credentials saved for different websites.
  6. You can delete individual entries from this list (like any that end in or click on Remove All to clear all passwords.
  7. Close the window when you’ve deleted the passwords.

Google Chrome

  1. Open a Chrome Window.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner. Select Settings.
  3. Select Autofill then select Passwords. Here you’ll see a number of saved passwords for various websites.
  4. To delete an individual password (like any that end in, click on the three dots next to it and select Remove.
  5. To delete all passwords, go to Clear Browsing Data from Settings -> Advanced and select Passwords.

If you don’t want Chrome to remember passwords anymore, toggle off the switch that says “Offer to Save Passwords” under Passwords.

MS Edge

  1. Open an Edge window.
  2. Click on Settings and More.
  3. Select Settings and go to Privacy and Security.
  4. Under Clear Browsing Data, select Choose What to Clear.
  5. Select Passwords and click on Clear.


  1. Open an Opera window.
  2. Click on the Opera logo on the top left corner.
  3. Select Settings and go to the Advanced section.
  4. Click on Privacy and Security and find the Passwords and forms section.
  5. Click on Passwords and a new tab will open up. You’ll see various passwords saved on the browser.
  6. Click on the three dots next to each password (like any that end in and select Remove.
  7. To clear all passwords, go to Privacy and Security and click on Clear Browsing Data.
  8. Go to the Advanced tab and under Clear Browsing Data, select “Passwords and other Sign-in Data
  9. Click on the Clear Data button.

Apple Safari

  1. Open a Safari window.
  2. Click on Safari in the menu bar and select Preferences.
  3. Go to the Passwords tab.
  4. You’ll see a number of saved passwords. Select the password you want to remove (like any that end in and click on Remove.
  5. If you want to delete all passwords, you can click on Remove All.

While you can delete your stored passwords and also stop the browsers from storing any passwords in the future, keep in mind that if a browser doesn’t store your password, you’ll need to enter your credentials every time you open a website.

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