How to Edit PDFs in Microsoft Edge

How to Edit PDFs in Microsoft Edge

If you do not have access to Adobe to edit PDFs for assignments or templates provided in class, you may use Microsoft Edge to do so. Make sure you have downloaded the PDF before following these instructions. (Most downloads are stored by default in your PC's Downloads folder.)

Open the File Explorer. Locate the PDF, right click it, then select Open With. From the Open With menu, select Microsoft Edge.

The PDF will open in a new Microsoft Edge Window. From there, you can edit the fillable fields by clicking and typing in them. 

You can also create text boxes if necessary by clicking the textbox icon on the menu ribbon. 

Once finished, make sure that you save the filled in version of the file to your computer. Make sure you change the file name so you are able to locate it in your files better once you go to submit the file. Use the Save As button on the menu ribbon. 

After saving, feel free to close Microsoft Edge. You can now submit the completed form to your assignment.
NOTE: Please make sure you save the filled PDF to your PC before closing the Microsoft Edge window or any edits to the PDF will not be saved!

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