Safari Enable Third Party Cookies

Safari Enable Third Party Cookies

Important: Changing your cookie preferences or removing cookies and website data in Safari may change or remove them in other apps, including Dashboard.

            On Mac OS

            Open up safari and choose the safari menu option pictured below.


            In the dropdown menu choose the preferences menu item.


            In the preferences screen across the top bar look for the privacy option and click it


            Make sure that the block all cookies checkbox is unchecked. Enabling Prevent cross-site tracking blocks third-party cookies from being set as well as third-party websites from storing data on your             computer. You can leave this checked or unchecked.

            After this it is a good idea to clear your cookies and cache and then restart your device to ensure the changes take effect. 

            On IOS

            On the home Screen Click the settings icon 

      Scroll in the settings menu till you locate the safari menu option. Click on the Safari menu option.

      Scroll down to privacy and security and make sure the black all cookies toggle is in the off position.  You can decide if you want to toggle prevent cross-site tracking or not. 



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