Setup Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Setup Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

The most common method of MFA is via text message (SMS), the instructions are provided below for this method. EGCC also offers 2 other MFA authentication methods; phone call and the Microsoft Authenticator App (available for both iPhone and Android phones).

Instructions for Setting up MFA via Text Message (SMS)

  1. After signing into the Student Portal (students) or Employee Portal (staff/faculty).  You will get prompted to enable multi-factor authentication. Click “Next”.


  1. You will get the following Screen and we recommend that you chose the Authentication method you would like to use, under “How should we contact you?”.  We would recommend using the Authentication phone option which will send you a text message.  You will input the phone number you want to use and chose the option for either “Send me a code by text message” or “Call me” or use the “Microsoft Authenticator App”.  



  1. You will then get a text with a code to verify this option.  Enter your code and then click “Verify”.



  1. Now after you sign in, you will receive a text message and see the below screen. You will enter the code received via text message and click “Verify”, and you will be logged in.

Please note:  That if you click the “Sign in another way” it will give you other methods such as call to authenticate.

If you have problems setting up MFA, please reach out to the EGCC IT Help Desk at:

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