Technology Recommendations for Classes

Technology Recommendations for Classes

For your primary device, we recommend most students use a Windows or Apple laptop computer that meets the minimum or recommended specifications below.

  • We don't recommend tablets or Chromebooks as your primary device. 
  • We advise students to stay away from Chromebooks or tablets to complete their schoolwork as they are not always compatible and have limited capabilities overall. 
  •  With your Chromebook, you will not be able to install full versions of Microsoft Office Apps, and some PDF viewers may not be available on your device. Chromebooks lack compatibility with course content and the Office 365 suite, and it is also more difficult to troubleshoot technical issues should you ever need assistance.


Technology Recommendations

  • At least 8GB of RAM or more
  • A quad-core or higher processor (Intel or AMD)
  • A minimum of 120GB of storage, preferably on a Solid-State Drive (SSD). (This is to prevent any possible slowdowns or wait times that are typical with lower-spec computers.)
  • Decent internet speed to be able to complete assignments reliably (Try to find speeds at least 150-300 Mbps or more)


This system requirement guide for the Microsoft Office Suite (which you will get for free as a student) is very helpful It goes over each component, and most new computers will have better specs than this.


For a web browser, we recommend using any of the modern web browsers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Safari) to access online classes. Some supported browsers may still produce a banner stating Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements for Canvas. If you have upgraded your browser but you are still seeing the warning banner, try logging out of Canvas and deleting your browser cookies.


EGCC Computer Recommendations by Program PDF


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