Viewing My Financial Aid Information

Viewing My Financial Aid Information

You can view your Financial Aid information in the My Account section of the Student Portal.  Sign into the Gateway (Student Portal) and then click on the My Account icon and then click on the Award Tab to view your current Financial Aid information. 

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    • Financial Aid Inquiries

      Inquires regarding financial aid should be directed to the financial aid office by calling 1-833-465-2505 option 2. For additional information please visit: Office hours are 8am to 5pm Eastern Time, Monday ...
    • Registering for Financial Aid Forms Account - Receive a 1010 Error

      Please contact the Financial Aid department, as there is information on your account that does not match what is on your FAFSA. You may contact the EGCC Financial Aid Office at or by phone at 833-465-2505.
    • I’m a Union Student but it says I have a balance on my Ledger tab in My Account. Why?

      Union funds are typically not applied to your account until the semester starts. For additional information please reach out to our Financial Aid office at 833-465-2505 or by email at
    • Viewing My Student Record & Profile Information

      You can view the personal information that the school has on record for you in the My Account section of the Student Portal.  Sign into the Gateway (Student Portal) and then click on the My Account icon.  You will be greeted with your name and ...
    • Unable to Sign Into Financial Aid Forms - Login Window Hangs

      When attempting to sign-in to the Financial Aid Forms from the Student Portal, the browser will not sign you in.  It just hangs with a "Trying to sign you in..." message.  To resolve this, click the small 'cancel' button as shown in the image below. ...