Where are the computer labs located at EGCC?

Where are the computer labs located at EGCC?

Steubenville Campus:

  • Gator Center (Student Success Center)
  • 1532/1534  (General)
  • 2202  (General)
  • 2213  (CAD/Digital Media)
  • 2217  (Digital Media)
  • 2300  (Library)
  • 2515 & 2519  (Business)
  • 2532  (Health)

Youngstown Campus:
  • A101/A102/A103  (General)
  • A106  (CAD)
  • A107  (General)
  • A110  (Info Commons)
  • B101  (General)
  • H103  (IVDL)
  • C101 (Tutoring)

Pugliese Building:
  • 107  (Phlembotomy)

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