Wi-Fi Instructions - Students

Wi-Fi Instructions - Students

Student WiFi Instructions

Please note: Before you can connect to the Student WiFi you must first log into one of the campus computers before it will allow you to connect to the Student WiFi on your personal device. This step will only need to be performed once. You will not be required to log into a campus computer again before connecting to the Student WiFi connection. 

1) Connect your device to the student WiFi network (SSID): EGCC STUDENT

Note: Some devices will prompt you right away to login, others will not prompt until you try to access internet content.

2) The following window will appear on your device:

Log in with the same username and password you use for the classroom computers or to access your EGCC Email. You do not need to use your full email address.

Example: JDoe1234

Note: You will be prompted once per day, to login to the WiFi.

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