Canvas Studio: All-in-One Guide

Canvas Studio: All-in-One Guide

Canvas Studio: All-in-One Guide

This guide is created as an all inclusive guide on how to record your videos, use Canvas Studio and how to work around a lot of the technical issues that can occur when using Canvas Studio. Each section is broken up into separate linked guides for each topic. Please click the link below to the guide that best suites your needs.

Please Note: If you experience issues with any part of the process please make sure you read the entire guide before contacting IT support, thank you.

Step 1: Recording Your Video:
Using your device's default camera app / program (recommended method)
  1. For Windows: Click Here
  2. For Mac OS: Click Here
  3. For Mobile Devices (iOS and Android): Click Here
  1. Using Studio: Click Here
    (recording only works in Chrome and Firefox web browsers)
Please Note: While it has been used as the default way of recording videos before Canvas Studio is known for experiencing issues with successfully recording, uploading, processing and saving videos. It is not uncommon for users to experience issues when using this method to record their videos which most likely results with the video being lost or unusable which will usually result in the user needing to re-record their video. It is highly recommended that users record their videos using their device's default camera / video recording app or program instead of recording in Studio as it has a much higher rate of success.

Step 2: Uploading Your Video to Studio:
  1. For Uploading a Video to Studio: Click Here
    (instructions NOT for use with Canvas Student mobile app. Please see instructions below if using a smartphone or tablet)
  2. For Uploading a Video using the Canvas Mobile App: Click Here

Step 3: Add and Edit Closed Captions (CC) to Your Video:
  1. Canvas Student Guide: Click Here
  2. If Video is Linked to YouTube: Click Here

Step 4: Posting your Video to a Class Discussion Assignment:
  1. Using a Desktop / Laptop: Click Here
Please Note: You can upload your video to your Studio library using the Canvas Student mobile app but you currently cannot embed videos into discussion posts using the mobile app. You must log into the student portal using your device's web browser and access Canvas by clicking on the My Classes link. If you are still unable to embed the video into your discussion post you must use a web browser on a computer to do so instead.

Alternative Upload Method: Upload a Video to YouTube so it can be linked/added to Studio:
(use this option if you are experiencing issues uploading your video to Canvas Studio)
  1. For PC and Mac: Click Here
  2. For Mobile Devices (Tablets/ Smartphones): Click Here

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